Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Subjects That I’m Taking in This Semester

In this semester I’m taking five subjects. One of the subject is English For Academic Purposes or Bel 311, this subject 3 credit hour. When I register in group BMD3B2 for Bel 311, I don’t know who is the lecturer. I came in the class for the first time and I saw Sir Izuan bin Ismail in the class. I already know about him because before that I has saw him in the picture that from my friend. So, I remembered that my friend has told me in his class has a lot of activities like sketch, project runaway and so on. I feel this subject a little difficult for me, but I’m always want to improve my English language. So, I tried to do all assignment and tasks that Sir Izuan gave to our class.

Secondly, I’m taking Mandarin or BMD 101.This subject 2 credit hour. I’m very excited to take this subject, because I like to learn this language because I love watching Chinese and Taiwanese drama series or movie. I also have many Chinese friends from secondary school, so easy for me to communicate with them even I’m not really influence in this language. The name of lecturer for this subject is Miss Chong Peng Hwa. She very thin and I more higher than she I think. I’m always asking my Chinese friends if I has something questions about this language.

Thirdly I’m taking Business Communication subject or MGT 269. this subject is a 3 credit hour. In this subject needed strongly confident because the tasks always have presentation and I will learn how to interview for get the job.This subject also teach me protocol in meeting room. One more thing, I have to learn wear a formal outfit in this subject is a Mr. Ahmad Kamil Mohamed. He is such a firm person and really care about his students.

Fourthly, I’m taking Statistics or QMT 216.This subject is a 3 credit hour. I’m so afraid in this subject because it was related with calculation. I admit that I was weak in calculation subject. Firstly, my lecturer in this subject is a Madam Ruhana but after two weeks I changes group because and I cannot adapt with her and now my lecturer is Miss Norzarina Johari. Now, I can learn with more fun because I like how this lecturer teaching me in this subject. Actually, before that she has teaching me in Business in Mathematics or MAT 140. I has do a lot of exercise in this subject, ‘practice math perfect’.

Lastly, I’m taking Macroeconomics or ECO 211.This subject also 3 credit hour. In the beginning, my lecturer in this subject is Madam Zuraida but in third weeks I changes group because I cannot understand what her trying to teach me in this subject. So, my new lecturer is Madam Zailati Ahmad. Before that, she has teaching me in microeconomics or ECO 162.In this subject, I need a lot to read and give 100% focus in class. This subject makes me interested to learn because it related with the economics of Malaysia.

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